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Tariffs of Other Procedures

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Tariffs of Other Procedures

Pterygium excision
a) without autograft
b) with auto graft

Rs .25,000/-
Probing under GA for NLD Obstruction Rs.10,000/-
DCR Rs. 25,000/-
DCR with Silicon tube intubation Rs.30,000/-
DCT Rs.15,000/-
Corneal Tear Repair Rs.20,000/-
Trabeculectomy for Glaucoma Rs.25,000/-
Eye lid Tumor Excision Rs.15,000/-
Ptosis Correction Rs.25,000/-
Silicone Sling suspension for Ptosis Rs.35,000/-
Punctal Occlusion for Dry Eye Rs.8.000/-
Coemetic Blepharoplasty Rs.30,000/-
Ectropion & Entropion Correction: Rs. 15,000/-
Squint – depending on number of muscles and eyes operated: Rs.25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-