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Laser Sight Correction Tariff


Lasik entails quick recovery without the necessity of using multiple drops over prolonged periods, suitable for sufficiently thick (depending on power) corneas.

Lasik with Blade :

Here a blade is used fixed in a mechanical Microkeratome to raise corneal flap & do laser remodeling of corneal bed (Black of the Eye ) with Excimer Laser.

  1. Standard : Rs. 35,000/- for both eyes
  2. Customized : Rs .50,000/- for both eyes

Lasik without Blade(All Laser Customized Lasik) :

Here another laser called femtosecond laser is used to raise corneal flap (which is more precise compared to a mechanical microkeratome) & laser remodeling of the corneal bed is done as usual with Excimer Laser. It is also called as Intralse Lasik or ILasic

:Rs : 90,000/- for both eyes

Special Procedures for thin corneas

PRK entails scraping off of outer most regeneratable layer of Cells (Called epithelium) on cornea and ablating the surface of the cornea with Excimer Laser. Recovery takes up to a week and entails prolonged use of multiple eye drops, suitable for thinner corneas.

Smart Pulse Trans PRK:

Smart Pulse Trans PRK: Rs 60,000/- for both eyes

Regular Trans PRK:

This is an all Laser procedure, which can be done only with some high end Excimer Laser Machines wherein epithelium is scraped off by laser (Superior to older technique of manual scraping) & ablation is done on surface. This is a complete no touch refined technique of doing Regular Trans PRK costs : Rs 50,000/- for both eyes

What Is Customization ?

  1. Aspheric ablation profile as per individual corneal shape
  2. Pupil offset (Gross disparity between pupil centre & visual axis) Compensation
  3. Cyclotorsion (Rotation of eyeball from standing to lying down position) Compensation
  4. “Topo Linked” or Wavefront Guided” ablation

Some or all of these features will be used to customize treatment appropriately depending on each eye. Most of these facilities to fine tune correction are available only in high end excimer laser machines.

Laser Sight Correction